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Philosophy of Religion

Daniel Rober, Sacred Heart University (Connecticut)

Michael McGravey, Elms College (Massachusetts)  

The Philosophy of Religion section welcomes all proposals concerning issues in the philosophy of religion or in philosophical theology.  Preference will be given to proposals related to the conference theme of “Human Families: Identity, Relationships, and Responsibilities.”  Topics may include but are not restricted to:

  • Philosophical understandings of the self in the construct of marriage or contemporary family structures, including adoptive or foster families
  • Contemporary philosophical schools of thought with insights on issues relating to family
  • The philosophical foundations of Western ideas of family in relation to non-Western philosophies and epistemologies
  • The implications of philosophical beliefs for choices concerning the formation and development of families
  • The relationship of family life to epistemological development in children and young adults
  • The role of religious and non-religious philosophies (such as secular humanism) in family life


Please submit a proposal of 300 words in the body of an e-mail message directed to both conveners by December 15, 2019. Include your institutional affiliation (if any), contact information, and current status (Assistant, Associate, PhD. Candidate) along with your proposal.

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