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Philosophy of Religion

2023 Call for Papers

Nathaniel Holmes, Florida Memorial University(FL)

Michael McGravey, Elms College (MA)  

I. The Philosophy of Religion section welcomes all proposals concerning issues in the philosophy of religion or in philosophical theology.  Preference will be given to proposals related to the conference theme, “Theology and Media(tion): Rendering the Absent Present. Topics could include (but are no means limited to):

  • ·       Interreligious readings or interpretations of embodiment
  • ·       Media and interreligious encounter, engagement, or discovery
  • ·       Art forms (music, visual arts, film) and embodiment. Consideration of art and its use by select authors may also be explored (e.g., Hegel, Tillich, Marion, Vattimo, etc.).
  • ·       Visual expressions of religious identity in the public square
  • ·       The risks of religious discourse in the public square (e.g., SCOTUS’ divisive decisions and supported decisions in 2022)
  • ·       Philosophy of Religion & Media Narrative(s)
  • ·       Contemporary digital expressions of religion and/or philosophy


II. We also welcome submissions for those interested in a panel dedicated to the work of Dr. Anthony Godzieba, Professor Emeritus of Fundamental and Systematic Theology (Villanova University).  Special consideration will be given to those who consider the theme in light of Godzieba’s A Theology of the Presence and Absence of God (2018). Dr. Godzieba has agreed to respond to those selected as panelists.


Please submit a proposal of 300 words in the body of an e-mail message directed to both conveners by December 15, 2022. Include your institutional affiliation (if any), contact information, and current status in academia along with your proposal.

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