College Theology SocietyServing Church and Academy Since 1954

Presidents of the College Theology Society

Years in parentheses indicate when the President’s term began. Until 1967 the society was known as the Society of Catholic College Teachers of Sacred Doctrine.

Eugene Burke, C.S.P. (1955)

John J. Fernan, S.J. (1956)

Thomas C. Donlan, O.P. (1957)

Alban of Mary, F.S.C. (1958)

Bernard Cooke, S.J. (1960)

Urban Voll, O.P. (1962)

Rev. Raymond A. Parr (1964)

Rev. Gerard Sloyan (1966)

Mark Heath, O.P. (1968)

James Wieland (1970)

Francis J. Buckley, S.J. (1972)

Matthew C. Kohmescher, S.M. (1974)

Rev. James J. Flanagan (1976)

William Cenkner, O.P. (1978)

Vera Chester, C.S.J. (1980)

Roger Van Allen (1982)

William M. Shea (1984)

Dolores L. Greeley, R.S.M. (1986)

Mary Lea Schneider, O.F.M. (1988)

Keith Egan (1990)

Joan A. Leonard, O.P. (1992)

Brennan R. Hill (1994)

Terrence W. Tilley (1996)

M. Therese Moser, R.S.C.J. (1998)

William P. Loewe (2000)

Loretta Devoy, O.P. (2002)

Robert Masson (2004)

Anne M. Clifford, C.S.J. (2006)

Michael Barnes (2008)

Bradford Hinze (2010)

Sandra Yocum (2012)

William L. Portier (2014)

Shannon Schrein, O.S.F. (2017)

Mary Doak (2019)

Brian Flanagan (2021)

The College Theology Society is a registered, non-profit professional society and a Related Scholarly Organization of the American Academy of Religion.


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