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You now have the option to opt for "Online Only" access to Horizons or "Print and Online," which will continue to be the default; as long as you don't choose "Online Only" you will receive the print volume and receive online access. This is a simple choice that you can make by editing your CTS membership profile. 

Click on "Join or Renew" (or the button on the front page) to open a new tab.

If you are joining for the first time or if your dues are up for renewal, you will be directed to a page that asks you to edit/update your membership profile. You should see fields for your basic contact info and you should see the Horizons options below your info. Confirm/update your info and make your Horizons access choice. Click "Update and Next" to save your changes and move to the dues payment page. Pay your dues and you are good to go.

If you click "Join or Renew" and your dues are current, you will be told that you are already a member, and will be given the option to view your profile. Click that option and look for the "Edit profile" button at the top left and the Horizons options down the page. Be sure to save your changes.

​You can change your selection with regards to Horizons at any time (including now!) by editing your CTS membership profile. If you are logged in, under your name at the top right, you should see "view profile." Click that and look for "Edit profile" at the top left of ​ the page. You will see your basic info and then your options for Horizons access. ​

While you are there, please make sure your other information is up to date. If your mailing address is not in the US, confirm that your country appears in that field. We also encourage you to add/update a profile picture and your specialty fields.  Be sure to save your changes.

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