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2023 Call for Papers


Annie Selak, Georgetown Univiersity (DC)

Byron Wratee, Boston College (MA),


This year’s theme, “‘Theology and Media(tion): Rendering the Absent Present touches upon many ecclesiological themes, including presence/absence, unity and diversity, local and universal, authority, communication channels, and mass communication. The section welcomes proposals for ecclesiology-focused papers that pertain to this year’s theme. In particular, we welcome papers addressing the following aspects of the theme:


-Mediation of Unity and Diversity of the Church: Unity and diversity in the church is one entry point to addressing presence and absence through an ecclesiological lens. How are unity and diversity expressed in the church? What does unity mean? What is necessary for unity? What is the media’s role in fostering unity? What is the mediation of the local and universal church? How are we to understand unity and diversity today, attentive to structures of oppression?


-Social Media and the Church: How does social media create and influence perceptions of  the church?  How is the perception of the church influenced by who we have contact with? How do echo chambers and polarization, accelerated by social media, relate to the theme of presence and absence? What is the role of ecclesiologists, theologians, and theology teachers in this form of expressing and shaping the church? How does church authority function in social media?


-Racism and Catholic Media: Catholic media in the United States is shaped by whiteness and many of the most prominent voices in Catholic media are white. Following up on the 2021 conference theme, “‘Why We Can’t Wait’: Racism and the Church” and upholding the CTS commitment to anti-racism, we invite papers that engage the topic of racism in Catholic media.


All papers should be conceived for an effective 20-25 minute presentation with a fifteen-minute discussion afterward. We will also consider proposals for alternative forms of presentation beyond standard paper presentations.


Please be sure to address proposals to both conveners at the email addresses indicated above and submit by December 15, 2022.

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