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History of Christian Life and Thought

Sandra Ham, Independent Scholar (IL) 

Dr. Darius O. Makuja, LeMoyne College (NY) 

The section on The History of Christian Life and Thought invites proposals that address the conference theme: "Human Families: Identity, Relationships, and Responsibilities," where families, broadly considered, may encompass all the vital relationships that support human personal and social development. This theme invites scholars from across fields to turn attention to the history of the depth, breadth, and diversity of human families in all their various forms and possible interpretations. These include theologians, texts, and systems of thought that occupied particular moment in the history of Christianity. These affected religious, social and educational conditions and influenced how intimate relationships shaped the human person. 

We welcome proposals that explore the many historical variations in religious contexts, theology, and social milieu that shaped family identity, relationships, and responsibilities.  

Consistent with the theme, proposals could address these questions:

  • How has religion identified, named, claimed, or sacramentalized human families?
  • What are examples of the “timeless wisdom” — factors which shaped familial relations that are no longer prevalent in modern, Western society?
  • What are the effects of or relations between various theologians or systems of moral theology on familial relations including patristic and medieval virtues and vices, nominalist emphasis on law and commandments, and those at particular historical moments?
  • How have poverty, economic insecurity, and forms of discrimination against groups identified by gender and race affected families?
  • Explore any historical aspect of any of the topics and questions covered by the conference theme.
  • Explore any historical theologian or topic related to Christian life and thought.

Proposals of approximately 500 words should include the scholar's name, position, institution, and CTS membership status, and should be emailed to both conveners by December 15, 2019.

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