Comparative Theology

Maureen L. Walsh, Rockhurst University (Missouri)

Glenn R. Willis, Ph.D., Misericordia University (Pennsylvania)

The Comparative Theology Section invites papers that explore the 2018 College Theology Society conference theme of Revolution. This section is particularly interested in proposals on the following questions and topics:

1.     In what ways does Comparative Theology itself constitute a theological revolution in relationship to the past, or in relation to other theological disciplines (systematics, history, ethics, etc.)?  Is Comparative Theology instead a way of doing theology that in fact ‘conserves’ important themes, methods, and priorities from tradition(s)?

2.     In what sense is Comparative Theology a ‘revolutionary’ pedagogy in a secular age, responding to the rise of non-affiliation among young people in particular?

As always, this section invites papers that consider the implications of the conference theme for college teaching. Proposals outside of the conference theme but still related to comparative theology, theology of religions, or interreligious dialogue are very welcome.

Submit proposals via email to both of the conveners listed above.

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