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Anthropology, Psychology and Religion

Julia Brumbaugh, Regis University (CO)

Kim Humphrey, Boston College (MA)

For this year’s Anthropology, Psychology, and Religion section, we recognize that the convention theme shares wide congruence with our session topic. We are especially interested in papers that address the conference theme of “Human Families: Identities, Relationships, and Responsibilities” through interdisciplinary engagements around the theological anthropological dimensions of human families. Suggested areas of inquiry include:

Violations and celebrations of family, especially:

  • Family life in “Borderlands/La Frontera”: the psychological, theological, anthropological, and ethical implications of life in the in between in an era of increased family separation
  • Learning theological anthropology from queer theory, theology, and families
  • Considerations of how trauma is experienced, transmitted, and potentially redeemed in families, particularly intergenerationally. 

Interdisciplinary reflections on theological Tradition and traditions, especially:

  • Responses to Amoris Lateitia from the point of view of current interdisciplinary work in psychology or related disciplines
  • Investigations of theological images, practices, and arguments that shape gender roles in relationship to family life.
  • Theological reflections on childhood as informed by interdisciplinary lense(s)

Book Panels

  • Panel responses to a book length contribution related to the conference as it intersects with anthropology, psychology and religion.

We encourage the proposal of individual papers as well as multi-person panels. Please submit proposals to both conveners by December 15, 2019. They should be no more than 500 words in length and include the presenter’s institutional affiliation, position, and contact information, as well as any requests for AV support


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